Thy Veils – Influx (2022)

Described by CVLTARTES as “…music that doesn’t seem new or old, nor in trend, nor in addition, it only gives you the impression that it is or was here from the beginning of the world, ready to be discovered…”, Thy Veils are an insatiable, inimitable band with a unique flair to their sound. Yet, it is not only CVLTARTES singing the band’s praises. Featured in international publications like The Guardians, African Hype, Lost In The Manor, Roadie Music, Indie Chronicle, Underground Music, Senocular Media, We Rave You, Electrozombiesand various others, Thy Veils are reaching audiences across the globe.

Formed almost 30 years ago, Thy Veils have been intoxicating listeners since the mid-1990s and have been at the forefront of the electropop/synth-pop scene. In an interview with Lost In The Manorfounder Daniel Dorobantu stated that “Thy Veils…continues to exist, to develop, expand and improve…”, and their evolution was noted in the new single ‘Influx’.

Following their well-received track ‘Lina Luna’, Thy Veils effortlessly fuses electropop, synthwave and EDM in the heart-pounding single ‘Influx’. Immediately tossing you into a kaleidoscopic swirl of music, audiences can become completely lost in the mellifluous melody. Yet, despite the charming flow of the song, there is a slight brashness in the beats as they reverberate in your brain and send shivers down your spine. For me, however, the melody can hold its own, but it’s the vocals that really make my skin tingle. The high female vocals wrap you in a sonic bubble and send your soul soaring off into another plain of existence.

Haunting, wistful and mildly hazy, ‘Influx’ is unlike anything you’ve heard before. It is a spike of adrenaline flowing through a mellow pool sending you shrieking ahead but retaining a sense of old-school calm. Ultimately, it is an anthemic musical masterpiece, evincing Thy Veils’ innovation, pioneering nature and depth as musicians.

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