Perdurabo – Dark Fire (2023)

From Obscure Sound to Illustrate Magazine, Sinusoidal Music, Plastic Magazine, la Repubblica and Mystic Sons (to name but a few), musician Perdurabo is described as captivating, stunning and complex. The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Davide Arneodo, Perdurabo melds electronic beats with indie-rock tones and dream-pop symphonies in his melodies. As part of the Italian alternative rock band Marlene Kuntz, he has contributed greatly to the Italian music scene; however, it is Arneodo’s solo project that turns our heads today. Come with us as we dive into Perdurabo’s intriguing repertoire.

As a classically trained violinist, the inclusion of experimental electronica, indie-rock and pop allows Perdurabo an eclectic, obscure and otherworldly sound. While Perdurabo is a solo project, his releases often involve the collaboration of guest artists, and this is the case with ‘Dark Fire’. Performed with Jörg Wähner (drums), Gabrielle Giletta (modular synths), and vocalist Chloe Charles (performing as Echlo), ‘Dark Fire’ draws together the musicians’ diverse experiences, influences and styles in a harmonic, albeit strange, melodic arrangement.

The second single from his upcoming debut album, ‘Dark Fire’ follows ‘Hopes’ as a new chapter in Perdurabo’s musical evolution. Recorded with the aforementioned musicians and produced by Gareth Jones (mixing) and Matt Colton (mastering), ‘Dark Fire’ is a beautifully textured single with an eclectic spin to the arrangement. Simplistic in a way, all the instrumentation is given a prominent place while, as with the various musicians, coming together as a united whole. Individuality is evident in the instrumentation, but ‘Dark Fire’ proves Aristotle’s saying that the sum is greater than the parts of its whole.

One aspect I find intriguing is how ‘Dark Fire’ captures the poignant passion of its overall distressing concept. Vocalist Echlo explains that “’Dark Fire’ is about loving someone with an addiction. You control yourself to save them but eventually, you realize your attempts are futile and let them go and ask them to let you go too. Only once you’ve given up do they beg for your help.”

Distorted and absurd, ‘Dark Fire’ tosses a person into a dark hole of creative chaos. Disconcerting and confusing you are the elements of what to feel when listening to ‘Dark Fire’, all I know is I was engulfed in a pool of surreal sensations from beginning to end.

For more from Perdurabo, check out its official website, Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Spotify.

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