The Lunar Keys – Life Is A Dirty War (2023)

If you are a fan of Foo Fighters, Soundgarden and The Killers, chances are you’ll love The Lunar Keys. In fact, if Foo Fighters were to have a kid with Queens of the Stone Age, then UK-based The Lunar Keys would be it. Yet, while they have the rock power of the iconic bands mentioned above, the alt-rock trio bring something slightly different to the mix. With airplay from notable stations like BBC Introducing and AmazingRadioplus features on Roadie Music, Sinusoidal Music, Edgar Allan Poets, RGM and Obsure Sounds, The Lunar Keys are reaching audiences on a global scale. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Life Is A Dirty War’.

Following the well-received track ‘Maniac’, ‘Life Is A Dirty War’ is The Lunar Keys’ first release of 2023. Blasting into the new year with a forceful guitar, pounding drums and hard-hitting melody, JC (vocals and bass) ), Steve (guitar and backing vocals), Lexi (keys and backing vocals), and Dom (drums) stand up to say “weeee’re back!” Not that they really left at all, but every song by The Lunar Keys brings something new and spectacular.

Easily put: The Lunar Keys push you into a tiny seat at the front of a rollercoaster with ‘Life Is A Dirty War’. As it moves forward you feel the rush of hard-hitting rock grabbing you with pounding drums and dynamic guitars twirling about your head. The heavy instrumentation carries you up and down, back and forth, really contributing to the heart-pounding, stomach-lurching feeling – but in a good way. Interestingly enough, while the melody offers a crazy ride, it has a harmonic quality adding a mellifluous flow to the rock tone.

Just as the melody can hold its own, the vibrant vocals execute heartfelt lyrics. JC’s rich tone wraps around you keeping you safe on the rollercoaster melody; however, it also pushes the madness along. Playing on the phrase “all’s fair in love and war”, ‘Life Is A Dirty War’ “deals with being in a bad relationship whilst facing life’s daily struggles but not surrendering, likening the experience to being at war” – or in our case likening it to an emotional rollercoaster where you might feel terrified but come out on the other side in one piece.

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