Welcome to the North – Young Thug Studio Friday March 24, 2023

This is a free show created by Young Thugs Studio and Jericho Keys of BBC Radio York. It just showcases some of the great musical talent we have up north. Kicking things off in the crowded room were Feens from Scarborough. Like all acts that do, it’s a five-song set, “Eyes Open” and new song “Eternal Sunshine” being a special highlight for me. This was my third time watching Feens play live and if you like your rock well polished but with an edge you will love it. I can hear elements of Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, 10cc, and New Order in their songs, but that’s a minor influence, Feens has originality and energy galore. Furthermore, from the other side of the room, Later With Jools style was set, it was the very talented Kitty VR. He’s bringing out sublime new songs that he’s been working on for some time, he’s been producing them all himself, and based on this set I can’t wait for them to be released to the world. Kitty’s voice is impeccable and amazes the audience. Kitty has some torch singer tropes and some pretty torch tunes with soft blues overtones with jazzy undertones. Next up, it’s an awesome DJ set from ace DJ Rory Hoy. We were tightly packed but easily pulled off some mid-air boxing stunts and even managed to do as the song instructs when House Of Pain’s “Jump Around” was playing.

Now it’s time for that grand piano in the corner to take center stage as Max Dalton, former frontman of the wonderful York rock band Hello Operator. It’s all about Max and the piano, though he does have guitar and percussion backing. His new material is very different from what he did with Hello Operator and has real 1930s jazz vaudevillian vibes in its smoky gin joint and 21st-century attitude. Lyrically I remember the early Leo Sayer, songs that tell stories. Ultimately, it was up to Kindelan to close the trial. I first saw Laura Kindelan play live almost six years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since. The Kindelan EP will be released soon, with a launch gig at Brudenell in Leeds in June. The power of the songs on the EP is truly extraordinary. “Party” (an unintentionally saucy song) and “Frustrated Hazel” are my current favorites. This was my first time seeing Laura perform with a band and what a great band it was. The sound is very well mixed and clear. The Beach Boys’ choral-style harmonies are ethereal and otherworldly. This is modern R&B with a subtle injection of jazz. Kindelan’s songs and music are comparable to Kendrick Lamar’s and his vocals are sometimes uplifting to Nina Simone. I love the way Laura and the band use the space between notes and sometimes embrace silence.

It was great to meet so many of the York music scene supporters in the crowd at Young Thugs, including Marnie Glum, Nathan Luke, and members of the Sun King, Pennine Suite, and Corsairs. It was also great to have the chance to meet Laura Kindelan and Kitty VR at the end of the night. Huge thanks to Jericho Keys and Young Thugs for making this happen, when’s the next one?

Click here to hear the radio broadcast of the show on BBC Radio York, available for 30 days and also including interviews with all the artists.

The aforementioned Nathan Luke was the co-director and editor on this rather cool video for Kindelan’s “Frustrated Hazel.”

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