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Delilah Bon, in my opinion, is a true superhero. She fears no one and is precisely the heroine the world needs right now. In the past, I’ve likened her to punk, Eminem, and others, but the bottom line is she’s Delilah Bon and there’s no one like her! Delilah’s new single “Brat” begins with a spoken word section that sets the tone for the song. But the opening salvo in the first verse shatters the misogynistic walls and glass ceilings that currently hold back women, girls, gays, and trans people. It’s not just the sound and crushing beats of industrial hammers, it’s the lyrics, which for me provide the opening for Delilah’s manifesto, “It’s me, it’s Delilah. Come with taste. Come up with some real shit, Delilah the savior. Delilah the freak came into your living room. Scream, “I don’t think so”. Yeah you probably never, maybe ever. Meeting a woman dedicated, whatever the weather, to bringing rage into the rooms of girls like mine. Oh, honey, I don’t think soHas there ever been more anger in the opening verse of a song? Maybe Pistols and Clash were close, but Delilah took that righteous anger into the stratosphere. The song grips your throat and shakes you until you completely surrender to the message. Is this the best Delilah track to date? Very likely.

Delilah was finally starting to take the world by storm. Two of his songs (“Dead Man Don’t Rape” and “I Don’t Listen To You”) now have over a million streams, “Brat” has over 60,000 Spotify streams in just a few days, and he has appeared on prime time TV France, he’ll soon be playing festivals and shows outside the UK and that’s just what’s exciting. Should misogynists and the like be afraid? Yes they should, we are all equal and Delilah is a true champion of true equality and true inclusion for oppressed minorities. I think my favorite line from “Brat” is probably “But you know I’ll never be the girl I was before I am a star surrounded by these dinosaurs“. He is literally surrounded by so many dinosaurs in the music industry today and has come this far independently and without any help from those dinosaurs. Go, Delilah! If I could I would choose Delilah, how about you?

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