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The Artist Management Association (AMA) is a trade organization acting on behalf of companies representing creative talent working in the commercial photography and fine art industries. the AMA provides educational programming, supportive resources, community action, and legislative advocacy for our industry and the artists we represent. The programming aspect includes a webinar series, where leaders in our industry are invited to speak on topics of interest to the membership.

On April 4th, the Artist Management Association (AMA) hosted a webinar with ImageRights founders Joe Naylor and Ted VanCleave, who share the value of their services are having on their photography and agency clients.

Joe Naylor is the President and CEO of ImageRights and has a career spanning over 30 years in design development, operations, sales, and marketing of communication and internet-based businesses. Ted VanCleave is a business development specialist and photographer. He teamed up with Joe to launch ImageRights in 2009, which has become the largest and longest established service of its kind, representing more than 25 million clients images and recovering over $30 million in lost licensing fees on behalf of clients.

  • ImageRights was launched in 2009 before Google Image Search had even launched, and since then, they have been able to register over one and a quarter million images with the US Copyright Office.

  • Their three-pronged approach to copyright infringement includes: discovery, recovery, and copyright registration. The three legs of the stool work together to help their clients effectively.

  • ImageRights has deployed an infrastructure with over 1800 servers crawling nonstop, processing more than 3 billion images online per year, analyzing them and the sites they are on, to identify potential uses or infringements.

  • Every single day, they are finding almost 300,000 uses of copyrighted images.

How the platform works:

  • Artists can upload their imagesand ImageRights will take care of the rest.

  • Artists review their sights and submit claims. ImageRights then either attempts to resolve the claim directly or upon your approval passes it to one of its legal partners for resolution.

  • If the case goes to court, ImageRights will front any upfront costs and retains a percentage of the settlement amount. In this way, artists do not have to worry about any costs associated with pursuing a claim.

ImageRights is committed to protecting artists’ intellectual property rights. They have made it their priority to approach alleged infringers professionally and to check for licenses before pursuing any claims. By using their platform, artists can protect their images and receive compensation for their work.

We are grateful to Joe and Ted for leading the discussion and shedding light on such a critical topic in our industry.

visit ImageRights website to learn more about this work and to get paid for your work.

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