Everything After Midnight – Micklegate Social, York – Friday May 5, 2023

It was my first gig at Micklegate Social in York since pre-Covid and it’s still a very intimate basement venue. It’s almost perfect for a smaller show, but I really hope they can sort out the toilet problem, two toilets for the whole venue upstairs and downstairs really isn’t good enough. Anyway, that’s enough toilet rants, let me get on with telling you about the show! The first is Rowan, who has been featured on this page before. This talented troubadour weaves some great stories into 21st-century folk-style songs. “Skeldergate” is epic, contemporary, and topical (in the York sense for the latter). While many of Rowan’s songs have a slightly darker theme, “Once A Rock Star” proves he can write things a little lighter, even if there are some dark elements here too, but it’s a great song with a touch of Jonathan Richman behind it. . he. Tom Gulliver is next and he has a huge collection of songs. The “Place of Peace” is very good indeed. Sometimes Tom’s vocal expressions remind me of Elton John, Mark Everett aka Mr. E, and even Marc Almond. Every one of those inflections perfectly suits his well-played maniacal acoustic guitar. My highlight of the short set is probably the “Cemetry Song” which I found sublime.

Next on stage, was Marnie Glum who said in her social that she writes “sad songs for sad people”, which I found a bit self-deprecating. He does write some sad songs, but to me, they are for everyone on all emotional levels, not just for sad people. Marnie’s voice has a 21st century Joni Mitchell quality to her phrasing and a hint of jazz to her style, especially on the newer songs. He narrates kitchen sink drama and soap opera stories that touch the heart with his infectious songs. He is the Clifford T Ward for our hard times. “Polaroid Ghosts” are gorgeous, heart-touching, and soul-baring. If you love good music then you need Marnie Glum in your life!

Finally, it was the Everything After Midnight headliner’s turn to take center stage. Their opening song shows the depth of the musical quality they have now as a band. It’s mostly acoustic and so beautiful as it builds into a terrific 1970s rock-style crescendo. The wah-wah guitar lick style is really good. The Way Everything After Midnight growing in confidence, skill, and stature since I first saw them just 15 months ago has been incredible. Tonight is the fifth time I’ve seen them live. They have an extraordinary maturity of thought and demeanor that belies their age and adds to the captivating complexity of their beautiful songs. I absolutely love “Sale Sign” with its most spoken word vocals, what a track. The band were joined on stage by two supporting acts for “Still Sleeping”, Marnie Glum and Tom Gulliver. The latter produced the first Everything After Midnight EP. The last song of the night was a cover of Razorlight’s 2006 UK number one “America”. It’s a cool Razorlight’s greatest song. Some might say the only decent Razorlight song ever! But pretty much Johnny Borrell’s boy Everything After Midnight played the perfect set for such an intimate venue, another sign of a great band.

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