Best Subcompact Cars for 2023

2021 mitsubishi mirage

Best Subcompact Cars for 2023John Murphy Photography / Mitsubishi

As consumers look to crossovers, larger cars, and more expensive cars in general, the sub-compact segment has become an endangered species. Four cars remain on the market in the United States, including one that is positioned at a very different price point from the rest. If you want a new sub-compact, are your remaining contenders.

2023 Mini Hardtop

Price: $25,800

The Mini hardtop is a unique car, a relic of an era focused on a retro-futuristic design that outlived just about any other car you could compare it with. Now, the basic Mini is effectively a premium subcompact. We know what the next Mini will look like, but that car is still a year away.

For a lot more money, you can get a very fast one

2023 mini hardtop

Fabian Kirchbauer

2023 Kia Rio

Price: $16,750

The Kia Rio is the simplest possible Kia offering. The goal is efficiency at a low price, and the result is a car that can get an estimated 41 MPG on the highway offered for under $17,000. Sure, there’s not much else to write home about here, but that in itself is an achievement.

2023 kia rio


2023 Mitsubishi Mirages

Price: $16,245

The Mitsubishi Mirage’s calling card is simple. If you want absolutely anything but a simple, lightweight hatchback built to sell at an exceptionally low price, the Mitsubishi Mirage is probably not for you. If you want an extremely affordable new car that fits in a tight parking space, however, Mitsubishi still offers its small hatchback.

The lightest car in America, somehow

2021 mitsubishi mirage


2023 Nissan Versa

Price: $15,830

Of the three cars remaining in the traditional sub-compact car segment, the Nissan Versa is the undisputed champion of lowering the price point. By offering a car of any sort available new for under $16,000, Nissan shows a stronger understanding of this segment than any of their competition.

2023 nissan versa red


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