Our beloved performers, singers, artists, and writers frequently endure the devastation of drug or alcohol addiction, which is all too widespread in the realm of the arts. It happens to creatives who are prosperous, as well as to newcomers and people who never get off the ground. We detest finding out that while they developed works of entertainment or culture that we have appreciated, they have suffered from alcohol or drug addiction for a very long time.

Examples of artists who have fallen victim to drugs and alcohol

Daniel Radcliffe struggles with alcohol consumption simply because of his performance anxiety and the excessive attention he claimed to have received while filming Harry Potter.

The prolific writer Stephen King is very candid about a time when he regularly ingested alcohol and cocaine, which lasted for around eight years. He argues that although these narcotics undoubtedly opened up his creative flow, they also hurt the novels he released at the time.

Thomas Kinkaid, a prolific painter of well-known cottage landscapes, passed away in 2012, shocking his millions of admirers and clients. Combining alcohol with Valium, both respiratory depressants, led to his terrible death. At the end of Thom’s life, his battle with alcohol forced him to change into a new person. That is according to a family representative who summarized the issue in terms many families can comprehend.

It would be simple to compile a list of all the rock stars and actors who had to undergo several stays of addiction treatment to salvage their careers. The list of individuals we have lost for all time is shorter and includes people like Corey Haim, Marilyn Monroe, and Prince.

However, these are merely some of the many distinct explanations for why many performers and artists utilize drugs. Does this have a unified, overarching reason? Let’s find out more.

Could it be malice?

Many people think that those who are envious of our artists and performers are the main reason they have been lost to the horrible world of drugs. Those individuals can’t handle it when someone is more inventive or successful than they are. They typically end up introducing drugs into the life of the artist or performer as a result.

They might offer the artist drugs to “inspire them, give them energy, and help them chill out.” They can bring up the fact that well-known authors like Ernest Hemingway, stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce, and musician Eric Clapton all engaged in drug or alcohol usage while producing their works.

What is the root problem?

We might argue that the normalizing of the idea that using drugs is one of the best methods to boost creativity and build a long-lasting career as an actor or artist is the underlying cause of the problem. Although most people are intelligent enough not to believe this, they frequently feel pressure from the aforementioned influential individuals.

Final word

Substance abuse is a menace in the world of artists. Luckily there are addiction treatment programs for creative professionals so that they can continue enjoying their talent for decades.

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