MF DOOM’s Cause of Death Revealed

Jasmine Dumile, the wife of rapper MF DOOM, said her late husband passed away from a rare and severe reaction to blood pressure medication, a condition known as angioedema.

The British-born rapper born Daniel Dumile died on October 31st, 2020 at the age of 49. Until now, the cause of his death has not been disclosed.

However, an inquiry into his death has offered new details about the circumstances that led to his passing (via LeedsLive). Jasmine said her husband had suffered from a number of health conditions, including kidney disease and high blood pressure. He was prescribed ACE inhibitors to treat his blood pressure, but after just two doses he developed swelling in his mouth and throat, resulting in breathing issues.

MF DOOM was hospitalized at St James’s Hospital in Leeds, where his condition deteriorated and he was placed on a respirator. Due to the pandemic, Jasmine was not allowed to be with her husband in the hospital.

Jasmine believes negligence by the staff at St James’s Hospital contributed to her husband’s eventual demise. She specifically alleges that the medical staff failed to check on her husband on a frequent basis and were two hours late administering a medication. The inquiring is still ongoing.

In the years since his passing, MF DOOM has delivered a number of incredible posthumous features, most notably on Danger Mouse and Black Thought’s Cheat Codes cut, “Belize.” Earlier this year, Metalface Records and Rhymesayers Entertainment reissued Black Bastardsan album released by DOOM and his brother DJ Subroc under the name KMD.

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