Mandy Slate – Like I Do (2023)

Mandy Slate may have been too shy to sing in her university dorms, but some of the best things come from the kid in the corner. Growing up singing in an acapella group and local theaters, she had a strong stage presence from the get-go. At university, she began writing poetry and essays in her freshman year which, as I said, she was a little too shy to sing aloud. Finally, Slate brought the two skills together and we have an outstanding, energetic and powerful sonic force. Turning heads left, right and center, singer-songwriter Mandy Slate is reaching far beyond her North American borders with features in Mesmerized, She Makes Music, Illustrate Magazine, Earworms and Clout.

Taken off her debut EP 101‘Like I Do’ is the song to tie up the tale of heartbreak we hear in the four-track 101. Sitting somewhere between electropop and dream-pop, the EP explores the grief felt when leaving a relationship – denial, numbness, confusion, and finally acceptance. ‘Like I Do’ is a track that touches on the theme of acceptance and, well, letting go entirely.

Using bold synths and strong beats there is a rich power in ‘Like I Do’; however, just as powerful as the melody is, there is a strong sense of dreamy soothing. Unlike harder dance tracks, ‘Like I Do’ flows elegantly setting you off on a shining sonic river without a care in the world. The thing is, while the tune is gentle and mellifluous, Slate’s vocals find the balance between calm, flippant disregard and a slight hope that this ex-lover will find someone to love them as she does. It’s a case of a bad-ass attitude cooling down and bringing a tender, heartfelt charm making everything alright again.

Perfectly placed on any dance floor or just having it run through your speakers late at night, Mandy Slate captures our hearts with the anthemic ‘Like I Do’.

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