Kalina Tyne – Phoebe & Elliott (2022)

Up-and-coming artists quite often come up with some sort of tribute songs that champion some of their favorite artists and show where their music originates from. Sure, it can be a drawing point for the fans of such bigger artists, but it can also be a tricky trap for the upcoming artists if their music only consists of references to their faves and doesn’t have much originality itself.

Kalina Tyne can call both Los Angeles and Nashville her home, and her new single ‘Phoebe & Elliott’ quite obviously references singer-songwriters Phoebe Bridgers and the late Elliott Smith. Along with dropping such big names Tyne actually doesn’t solely idolize these two renowned artists, but uses them as a starting point to describe how to outgrow your past, the times when you’d “change everything about yourself to be liked.” By taking this route, Tyne actually injects more of her personality and uses Bridgers 7 Smith only as a starting point to express herself.

That Tyne is actually doing things right can be seen in the fact that her first EP, Caffeine, which she released while still in high school received over 50,000 streams on Spotify and Youtube. Also, her single ‘Chandler Bing’, produced by Diego Ferrera (credits include Noah Cyrus, Neil Young, LeAnn Rimes, and Grady), garnered over 90,000 plays on TikTok and Instagram. Ferrera also produced ‘Phoebe & Elliot’ which, with its charming melody and vocals will give Tyne a shot at greater musical heights.

For more about Kalina Tyne check out her official website, Instagram and Spotify.

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