How to Get Tickets to TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s 2023 Tour

K-pop stars TOMORROW X TOGETHER have confirmed a return to the road in 2023 with their second world tour, “ACT: SWEET MIRAGE.” Their previous tour of the US sold out within minutes, and members of MOA should expect the same this time around.

The group is currently gearing up for their next release, an EP titled The Name Chapter: TEMPTATIONwhich will be arriving January 27th.

Read on for details on how to secure tickets for TOMORROW X TOGETHER’S “ACT: SWEET MIRAGE” Tour.

What is TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s 2023 Tour?

Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai will kick things off in Seoul on March 25th. Their Asian leg will take them to Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan before they come to the US. Stateside, the group will make stops in cities including Charlotte, DC, and San Antonio, before the finale on May 27th in Los Angeles. See the full itinerary for the “ACT: SWEET MIRAGE” 2023 tour dates below.

Who Is Opening for TXT On Tour?

K-pop groups like TOMORROW X TOGETHER typically refrain from bringing openers with them on the road. It’s unlikely that the “ACT: SWEET MIRAGE” Tour will feature any openers.

How Do I Get Tickets for TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Tour?

Venues for the 2023 track are expected to be announced soon, as will more dates on TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s next world tour. Tickets will be available via Ticketmaster or Stubhub; specific details are still forthcoming.

What Are TXT’s 2023 Tour Dates?

While more dates are expected to be announced, these are the confirmed tour dates so far.

03/25 – Seoul, KR
03/26 – Seoul, KR
04/01 – Singapore, SG
04/05 – Taipei, TW
04/14 – Osaka, J.P
04/15 – Osaka, J.P
04/18 – Saitama, J.P
04/19 – Saitama, J.P
04/25 – Kanagawa, J.P
04/29 – Aichi, JP
04/30 – Aichi, JP
05/06 – Charlotte, N.C
05/09 – Belmont Park, New York
05/10 – Belmont Park, New York
05/16 – Washington, DC
05/19 – Duluth, GA
05/20 – Duluth, GA
05/23 – San Antonio, TX
05/24 – San Antonio, TX
05/27 – Los Angeles, CA

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