Glass Mansions – STANDING O (2022)

Lying alongside pop-punk greats like Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Avril Lavigne, US-based duo Glass Mansions are a bold force of nature. Pure rock and roll with a modern-day passion, Jayna Doyle (vocals and electronic drums) and Blake Arambula (guitar, bass, keyboards and synths) bring raw pop to vintage rock sounds and all with a funky dance bassline. featured on Go See live Music, The Free Times, Music For All, The Sound Lab and various playlists, the dynamic duo are reaching far beyond their North American borders. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘STANDING O’.

The first release in two years, ‘STANDING O’ is a brash, bold and hard-hitting few minutes of music. Unlike previous material, such as ‘Don’t Start Now’, ‘STANDING O’ has a heavier, stronger and more forceful brashness in the melody. Potentially an evolution of their sound, Glass Mansions seems to have matured with this latest single. Yet, while there is greater maturity in the new single, a rugged innocence and rawness run through their sonic tapestry.

Aligning with the powerful, heavy and “in your face” melody of ‘STANDING O’, Glass Mansions show their depth in the poetic lyricism. Touching on the concept of oppression and being patronized by a patriarchal society, the single captures feelings of frustration, turmoil, anxiety, vulnerability and angst in its aggressive tone.

“’STANDING O’ is our modern times continuation of Leslie Gore’s ‘You Don’t Own Me’. Having both experienced and witnessed the abuse of power by men in notable positions, both in and out of the music industry, I wrote this song at a time when I felt peak exhaustion and frustration as someone that identifies me as a woman. Repeatedly encountering being gaslit, my worth was dismissed, groomed, talked down to publicly all while watching this new rise of oppression in our country being force-fed to us by the media…this song is a call for a sarcastic standing ovation to applaud oppressors for thinking they have more power at the end of the day than they actually do…” – Jayna Doyle on ‘STANDING O’

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