Family with death wish risk it all for photo opportunity at Grand Canyon

  Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

It would seem some people will go to any length to capture the perfect photo – regardless of how safe it is. It’s one thing to take a dramatic family photo with the Grand Canyon in the background but it’s something entirely different to put your family at risk by teetering on the edge of a life-ending drop. Some might call it online, others would say it’s irresponsible parenting.

As a photographer, there have been times when I’ve questioned how far I would go to get the perfect shot. Sure, I’ve balanced on bins, hung onto railings and climbed up wobbly ladders to capture images I’ve dreamed up but I know where to draw the line. On occasions, there’s maybe a meter drop if that, a fall that might hurt but wouldn’t kill me (I hope) but death would’ve been a sure thing for members of this family had someone lose their balance or slipped.

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The moment of stupidity was captured on camera by fellow Grand Canyon explorer Zack Durr before being shared on the @touronofnationalparks (I’m guessing it’s a play on morons of national parks). In the photo, the mum is standing with her hands around the waist of her two children who are all facing out into the abyss while the father stands a much safer distance from the edge holding a selfie stick to capture the moment.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

In the comments section on Instagram, people are outraged by the parent’s lack of parenting with one user describing it as “reckless, irresponsible, unfit to parents” and another one suggesting the “parents should be arrested”.

Now if they spent any amount of time learning about tricks of photography, they’d know that you could probably achieve the same look from a much safer distance thanks to camera lens tricks. It would require a little more thought and perhaps the help of a willing passer-by but at least they wouldn’t be putting their family’s life in danger. Of course, the other option is to just take a less risky photo, no matter where you stand the backdrop is stunning.

In 2022, the Grand Canyon attracted some 5 million tourists and is one of the most Instagrammable landmarks in the world. Every year, hikers, rock climbers and photographers are drawn to the 277-mile-long Canyon known for its vibrant red-colored rocks and intricate twisting caverns but luckily most of them know better than to risk their life for a photo opportunity – thank the lord.

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