Crux – Save Me (2022)

A refreshing blast of music in a sometimes stagnating indie-rock scene, the UK-based Crux shows uniqueness, eclecticism and obscurity is still alive in rock bands. Described as “an act that any listener can get behind…” (Ear To The Ground) and “…original and fantastic” (Snake Oil Music), Crux can effortlessly intoxicate audiences with their authentic music. Alongside praises in blogs, the lads have also established themselves as a local fixture in the Newcastle scene performing at the O2 Academy, Little Buildings, The Globe, and various festivals like Scoop Festival and the Afterlight Music Festival. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Save Me’.

A divergence from their typical upbeat punk meets alternative rock style, ‘Save Me’ shows an evolution in Crux and their sound. Blending progressive rock with indie-rock sentiments, Crux adopts a more soothing, smooth and flowing tone in ‘Save Me’. Yet, while there is a wistful ambience to the track, it is far heavier and more poignant than many of their previous works. The melody seems to toss you into a dark sonic swirl while simultaneously holding your head above the murky pit.

Recorded at The Nave Studios in Leeds, which was previously a church, the melody has a bold, grand and powerful sound. Using the space in the church, Crux is able to add reverberation to the piano, drums, guitars and vocals making the melody slightly haunting.

Inspired by life in its entirety, Crux is unafraid of touching on provocative topics and exploring the grittier side of things. The band explains that ‘Save Me’ is “about how people in power have the authority to massively improve people’s lives and choose not to…” – a theme that is, unfortunately, all too relatable in today’s society. A social commentary on the issue is evident in the lyricism, but Crux adds a personal narrative to intimately connect with listeners while sharing their opinions.

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