Cassidy Maude – Housefire (2022)

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee (that’s in the USA to be specific), singer-songwriter Cassidy Maude shares her music with the masses. With only a couple of singles on Spotify, one may call Maude a minnow in a sonic pool of sharks; however, this emerging artist is already building a loyal following. Performances at Queer Fest, The Best of Nashville Festival and various smaller gigs are earning Maude a reputation for enthusiastic and engaging music delivered in a sublime way. What’s more, the feature is on FV Music Blog sees her reaching audiences far beyond her North American borders. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Housefire’.

Following the track ‘Ghost’, ‘Housefire’ is a merging of two naturally talented musical minds. Co-written and produced by Cassidy Maude and Blank Fowler (also known as Patsy Long), ‘Housefire’ is the second single from Maude this year. Written on the first day Maude and Blank Fowler met, the single is innocent, raw, passionate and filled with the spontaneity of fresh music. The thing is, while there is an innocence in ‘Housefire’, its sophistication and elegance shows the maturity of the artists.

Penned as a song of longing and loving desperation, the single is, as Maude describes it, “…about being the other person or being in love with someone who already has a partner but leads you on. It’s a raw declaration of an emotion we don’t see in music a lot.” Using an acoustic approach in ‘Housefire’, the simplistic instrumentation really pushes the feelings of yearning and desperate desire. Opening with a flowing folk tone, we are easily lulled into the melancholy of the protagonist, but the powerful crescendo into a bold, brash and raw execution takes you that step further into the distressing pain of being in a superficial affair.

Sincere, sentimental and heart-breaking, although there is a sense of heart-warming tenderness, Cassidy Maude and Blank Fowler release their moving new single, ‘Housefire’. I cannot wait to see what 2023 holds for this pair – individually or as a collaborating duo.

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