Capital of Murder – Oporto Leeds – Friday 11 November 2022

As part of their almost secret acoustic tour, one of Ireland’s finest bands, the Murder Capital, stop in Oporto Leeds for a very intimate stripped-back gig. It was only three quarters of the mighty quintet on stage, James, Cathal, and Damian. It was an excellent, albeit very brief, set in a show put together by Leeds Student Radio and Oporto. Even though it’s only a seven song set, it’s free, but more importantly, it allows players to give us a preview of some of the songs (actually five) from their upcoming new album ‘Gigi’s Recovery’ (due out on January 20). ). Recent singles “A Thousand Lives” and “Only Good Things” are beautiful and I love the haunting “The Stars Will Leave Their Stage”, but the highlight for me is another track from the new album, the monumentally “Ethel” sublime . I thought it was clear that Murder Capital had grown, especially the lyrics, and that the new album would be a huge step up from their previous releases and I thought ‘Gigi’s Recovery’ would show the world that this band is not afraid of change and will. be a force in music for a very long time!

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