AMONG THE MASSES – Wrong Turn (2022)

For about six years, the Swedish group AMONG THE MASSES has been tantalizing the tastebuds of audiences across the globe with their music. I mean that metaphorically, of course. featured on Sinusoidal Music to Senocular Media, Artisti Online and many more, AMONG THE MASSES has been described as having “…a well-crafted sound that is a must-have for music lovers” (Sinusoidal Music) and “…the finest piece of sonic artistry” (Thoughts Words Actions). Bonding over their love for iconic bands Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Depeche Mode and The Cure, David Liebe (vocals), Andrej Anderzon Möller (piano and keyboards), Mats Gabriel-Burman (bass) and Kent Alfredsson (lyrics) bring a nostalgic vibe to modern-day alternative-pop.

Following their 2021 single, ‘Lovers Lane’, AMONG THE MASSES release ‘Wrong Turn’. Collaborating once again with award-winning producer, Andreas Ahlenius, ‘Wrong Turn’ has produced an experimental quality with sophistication and elegance. Utterly reminiscent of the 80s synth-pop meets new wave style, ‘Wrong Turn’ drags you back to yesteryear. What I find especially interesting about this track is how it has you floating along a sonic river but, simultaneously, it suffocates you with distorted electronic obscurity. You find yourself twirling about to a soothing tune, but a frenzied darkness creeps below the surface.

Unlike previous material, ‘Wrong Turn’ appears to embrace the foggier, darker and more gothic tones in a new wave package. AMONG THE MASSES retain their signature new wave meets electropop sound; however, an evolution is heard with ‘Wrong Turn’ being far more eclectic, vintage and obscure. In my opinion, the lads can easily stand their ground against Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys.

For more from AMONG THE MASSES, check out their official website, Facebook and Spotify.

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